Keeping Bearded Dragons

How do I keep a Bearded Dragon?


While keeping a Bearded Dragon seems like a lot of fun it also comes with responsibility as the animal will live for many years and will require adequate housing, food and space to grow.

A stunning Central Australian animal by origin, The Bearded Dragon has spread world wide and become a well known icon. Pet lovers worldwide embraced the Aussie Dragon and now there are tens of thousands of keepers around the world.

Bearded Dragons can be kept indoor or outdoors. Some keepers choose to bring their Bearded Dragons back inside over winter and house them indoors for winter. Males are kept separately in most cases and females can be grouped or housed together if they exhibit tolerance for each other over long periods.

Once mated a Female Bearded Dragon may lay up to 20 eggs in a suitably sandy laying medium. Eggs are covered over and can take approximately 55-65 days to hatch. After hatching the Hatchlings are fully equipped to hunt and find food right from the time of hatching out of the egg, that is after a few hours of rest to get their bearings.

Basics requirements for first time owners to learn and install before purchasing a dragon:





Keeping Water Dragons

How do I keep a Water Dragon? 


Water dragons are an amazingly beautiful animal. Males sometimes measuring up to 1.2m long from head to tail in length. It is important to understand that the fully grown Water Dragon will require adequate housing to grow well and healthy.

Water Dragons live in groups. In the wild one Male will watch over several Females in a Harem (group of 6 or more). They live in a close group near the water's edge, bathing on flat rocks and sandy river beds. Females will be mated and then lay their eggs 6-8 weeks later, in private they will dig a hole for the eggs in warm moist soil near the water. Sensors located on the female's nose will test the suitability of the egg laying location for both warmth and moisture content. If the hole appears to be perfect the female will lay up to 15 eggs in one laying. The eggs are covered over and left to incubate and hatch on their own. The Hatchlings are not supported by the adults and will emerge from the egg fully equipped to hunt, swim and find food for itself.

You are able to house Water dragons indoors for several years or through their entire lifetime, however, most keepers choose to house their 'Lounge' of Lizards outdoors. It is recommended to house your Water dragons outdoors to breed successfully and produce healthy offspring.

Water Dragons eat a varied live food, dried food, vegetable and fruit diet. Live foods include Locusts, Crickets, Earthworms, Mealworms, Slaters, Moths, Flies and other smaller animals such as mice.

Water dragons can live for more than 20 years in captivity. Like any pet you are responsible for meeting any and all requirements needed for a Dragon Happy.

Keeping Frogs

In New Zealand we are allowed, by law, to keep three kinds of Frogs as pets. All are introduced species. No New Zealand Species are allowed to be kept without the proper permits.

What we can keep:

Litoria ewingii (Southern Brown Tree Frog)

Litoria raniformis (Southern Bell Frog)

Litoria aurea (Green and Gold Bell Frog)

For more details on these interesting Pets please follow link: